Sunday, January 30, 2011

Iron King of the Hill Tourney: The Testing of Absylonia

Here's some of the pics I took for my games in the recent Iron King of the Hill Mini-tournament.

The mini-tourney were 25 point battles. My list is as follows:


Yes, just 4 models.

I wasn't able to take a pic of my first game. As a summary, my opponent was Scriverner and Aurelio and basically out attritioned me, killing all my beasts and leaving me with just my Warlock. I paid dearly in this battle with only 4 models to take on the the attacks of more than 25 models.

In my second game, I managed to take some pics. My opponent was using Epic Asphyxious and Bane Army. I managed to hold my own with Typhon doing the heavy work, surviving the Bane Thralls' assault. In the end I managed to outpoint Fred 10-9 in points cost killed. Here are some pics of my game vs Fred:

In my third game, I went up against Jake. He was using Kraye and Storm Lances army with Centurion and Defender warjacks. I won this one because Jake didn't quite manage to put his caster into the Kill Box zone. We still decided to finish the game to see how things would go. Here are the pics of our battle:

Typhon again was instrumental in tarpit-ting the Storm Lances.

Other pics i took:

Jake's Storm Lances facing Pat's Trolls:

Jake's Kraye Battlegroup facing off against Pat's Trolls:

Karl's Pureblood howling in battle vs Jeff's Cygnar:

Karl's Warpwolf Stalker in an "I'll kill you all" stance:


  1. Nice! Dick's first post on the blog! I'll just do some minor edits on your post so the Lightbox plugin can be enabled. Keep on posting ^^

  2. Nice pics Wolf :D you had some pretty bad matchups there but glad you did well overall

  3. Nice one wolf, never knew you could play competetively with such low points in Warmachine. hmmm makes me want to start an army ... again

  4. "The hobby will only be as expensive as you allow it to be" ^_^

  5. Yeah. Very playable at 15 and 25 points. Shoulda gone with pVlad and 4 Berserkers though. Di lang kasi painted eh. Hahaha! Or pButcher+Kodiak+Dog+2x min DC+2x min ST.