Monday, March 7, 2011

RGB Gaming 2011-03-05

A good friend, Ryan Borrel, opened up a hobby shop in the Novaliches area so we set out and got some WMH games in!

Dramatis Personae: Ryan Borrel, Tiny David, Kei Valentin, Maybelle Sy, Kim Navarro

Dark Champion Vlad surges forward with elite infantry!
Black 13th bring down clustered Doom Reavers and Kayazy Assassins

Khador forces run interference, preventing Cygnaran soldiers to take the objective
Captain Kara Sloan brings down the Dark Champion from afar!
The Dark Champion has fallen!
Khadoran cavalry crashing against Cygnaran Stormblades
Kei aggressively takes his left flank, using the sparse woods as cover
Tiny David's deployment
Ryan taking pics of the games
Cygnar infantry take the hill!
Major Siege Brisbane's spells trying to suppress the Retribution advance
The end is near! Tiny takes advantage of Kaelyssa out in the open!
The Demo Game: Maybelle versus Ryan
Ryan's advancing Sword Knights
Kei Valentin and Tiny David: Cygnaran generals
Cygnaran Stormblades proving their mettle in combat!
Ryan looking over some squiggly lines on the cards
Kei giving tactical advice to Maybelle
Shot muna!
Ryan's Major Siege brings down Captain Kara Sloan with Ground Pounder!
Tiny David helped me transport the 4x4 plywood, the grass mat and the terrain pieces I have at home, so they'll be stored at Ryan's RGB Hobby shop.  I'll probably leave the demo models there for Ryan to practice with, maybe sometime within the week.

The guys got some pics, too.  I'll be posting them here soon!

[IRY Navarro]


  1. awesome! is this going to be another regular gaming venue?

  2. Yeah. What it lacks in stuff to sell it more than makes up for space. Maybe Ryan and Mang can agree on some consignment deal so he can put some WMH stuff on display over there.

  3. Ryan's shop is an awesome place to play. Lotsa lighting, space and most importantly grub hehe. Only hassle is the amount of traffic coming from my place. >_<

  4. We'll be playing there again tomorrow ^_^