Monday, July 4, 2011

Call To Arms 2011 Week 27

Catching up with some much-needed league games at Pitshop!

Dick Sy's 100PC Cryx army led by Lich Lord Venethrax and Lich Lord Scaverous

Jeff Yu matches Dick's Cryx with his Cygnar force, led by Lord Commander Stryker and Captain Allister Caine

SJ Quema's Trollbloods crash against a Pat Palma's Skorne incursion

Pat Palma versus SJ Quema

Lord Tyrant Hexeris versus Calandra, Oracle of Glimmerwood

In the background, Jeff versus SJ; while Pat goes up against Dick

Kim's Khador versus Karl's Circle Orboros

Lord Tyrant Hexeris versus Lich Lord Venethrax

Dick Sy and Karl Manalo

Tooth and Claw, Mangled Metal!

Kommander Strakhov versus Kaya the Moonhunter

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