Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Asphyxious the Hellbringer Concept Art

From Privateer Press Insider:

When my coworkers have an Insider blog that shows off a new piece of art or announces a really big development, I get a little jealous. You see, it is really invigorating to reveal something cool and exciting to our enthusiastic and passionate fan base. So when Will shows off the latest colossal model or Ed talks about the new book cover, I do admit to a bit of envy.

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  1. Daemortus became a sword, eh? I wonder what changes they have in store for good old Gaspy? ^_^

  2. Hmmm. he's not THAT different in appearance, just a sword instead of a staff and pointing it in the 'CHARGE!' direction. Now he and Venny can have decent sparring matches.

  3. Welcome to WMHPH, SPBatman. Everyone here is on edge with what Privateer Press has in store for the version 3 warcasters ^_^