Sunday, April 15, 2012

Major Markus "Siege" Brisbane vs Vladimir, the Dark Prince of Umbrey

35PC SR2012 Outflank, Outfight, Outlast game between Louie de Guzman's Major Markus "Siege" Brisbane and Kim Navarro's Vladimir, the Dark Prince of Umbrey! [Parental Guidance: Explicit Lyrics LOL]

Post-game clarifications: Louie was right - he could have shot at the Gun Carriage regardless if it was behind woods or not.  I didn't bring my Wrath book, so we just ruled that the Battle Engine "can hide" behind woods safely in our game.

Privateer Press, it would have been nice if you included a Battle Engine Rule Summary card in addition to the stat card that comes with the box.

Questions, comments and criticism welcome.


  1. Cool stuff! Had fun watching this. :)

  2. Thanks, man. Bring out your pretty stuff na so you can have actual battlefield experience ^_^ If you want a demo, just lemme know

  3. Kei enlightened me about the ATGM's POW17 combined attack order. That would have been a good shot to take on the halved ARM - Vlad1 would have been ARM14 with Blood of Kings and camped focus. That would have dealt an average 10 damage, 15 on god rolls. Then a Defender boosting his shots would have easily finished him off (good thing the ATGM UA was far away that time).

    I realized I've never really played a lot of Vlad1 in Mk2. I'll try to make competitive lists with him as warcaster and play the minimum 10 games with him LOL

    (Parang newbie lang uli haha)

  4. Yeah, did some changes to my list after that night of gaming... Dropped the ATGM+UA and Arlan for Jr, min unit of Stormguards and a Stormcaller...